Coldsteel Archived Fishing Report

Dates: 04/21/05 TO 04/28/05

          welteroth1.jpg (29759 bytes)                      Fishing Report 4/28/05

After a few days off to switch gears we got our 36' Egg Harbor in the water & rigged. We took Bob Welteroth & crew out for a shakedown cruise. We found out what we had been hearing was true. Not only were the browns stacked nearshore by the harbor like we found with the driftboat. But were seemingly everywhere along the shoreline out to 25' of water. A variety of stickbaits & spoons off the riggers & boards are working. Medium to small sizes are both producing fish.
This is the type of action allot of you are always trying to hit. Our boat is in the water & dates are available, either morning or afternoon trips. Give us a CALL today!!!

Bob Welteroth & crew from NJ landed well over there limit of Brown trout throwing many of them back & keeping a few for table fare in only a few hours effort.

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                             Let's Go Fishing

As you can see from the fishing reports below it looks like it will continue to be another great year of fishing in our area. With very changeable weather & water conditions you don't kill them everyday. But on average you do very well, not to mention the size of the fish you can catch! The next 2 days will be spent getting our 36' Egg Harbor to the dock & rigging it. The next week we will be doing both river & lake trips before finally switching over to the lake for good. We want to thank everyone who fished the river with us during the past 6 months and hope everyone can come up & enjoy our new boat and great fishing this summer. Since we have been catching mostly females(males leave last)and have gotten more rain & cooler temps. The river should continue for at least another week.
We have a couple of openings left for the river plus good dates available through the lake season. Give us a call and we can discuss details of a great fishing trip for you!!

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                        Fishing Report 4/23-24/05

Nathan Saltmer & son Tyler From PA were up for a 2 day trip and hit great conditions(despite being wet!)with rising and stained water providing hot steelhead action. After plugging awhile, we stuck with casting noodle rods with 6lb test leaders. Egg sacs in blue,pink & white did the trick as we found fish spreadout from Pineville to the estuary. The driftboat is great this time of year as you find barren areas and other areas loaded with fish. We have reached that time of year where the fish have been done spawning for awhile and water temps are warming towards the 50's. Some of the fish are fighting equal to or better than fall run steelhead. Our best one was 7 jumps with the last one hitting off the top edge of the boat!(almost didn't need the net) The guys did a great job landing allot of these fish, but had to hold on helplessly as some of them tore us up through the big water(1400 cfs)

Nate landed this chrome beauty(they brighten up quickly after spawning)after a great fight(bottom right)

Tyler did a good job landing this fish in real big water(bottom left)

Tyler landed this hen after a long fight showing good patience, but after all he's been doing this since he was 8 yrs old!!(top right)

Nate gets ready to snap a photo as Tyler fights the big one!!

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         harrower2.jpg (26348 bytes)                         Fishing Report 4/22/05

Even though we had a good day on the river yesterday, this was the second day of low water and we were heading into the weekend. So the river would be getting crowded. Jay Gallagher from MA had his son Jake along and we wanted the most action possible. So we headed back to the Oswego lakeshore. With 3 irishman onboard of course the luck of the Irish was with us & we had a great day! Using the same techniques mentioned previously, we had steady action all day plus great weather. We caught browns, rainbows & coho's, & heard of kings,steelies,pike & bass being caught as well.

Jake got us off to a great start with a nice brown(left)
Jay landed this real nice brown after a good battle!(bottom left)
I think it was a team effort with this acrobatic rainbow(below)

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          kevinhines1.jpg (72067 bytes)                             Fishing Report 4/21/05

Kevin Hines & Paul Notari from NH had a good day on the Salmon river under tough low, clear water conditions(285 cfs). With the fish trying to adjust to the dropping water. We decided to plug the river(hotshots & rapalas)working on the steelies aggressive rather than feeding instincts. We had a very steady day, winning some battles & losing a few as well.

Kevin landed this nice one in the famous Sportsman pool(left)

Kevin hooked this fish while holding the plug rod in his hand & working it under a tree in a small pocket.(bottom left)

Paul landed this big hen after a great fight!!


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