Coldsteel Archived Fishing Report

Dates: 04/30/05 TO 05/16/05


The fishing does not get any better. You better free up your schedules and call us today! "Strike while the iron is hot" as they say. We have good dates available and our new boat is performing well.

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                Fishing Report 5/14 to 5/16/05

It sounds repetitive but, it just doesn't get any better. Brown trout and King salmon fishing continues to be great. We have been able to fish our crews both inshore and offshore and have great fishing. Not only is the Brown trout fishing good, but it is good over a very large stretch of shoreline. Salmon fishing has slowed a little but they are still around. The 3 crews pictured below all had fantastic brown & salmon fishing, even catching coho's, steelhead & walleye! See the report below for similiar catching details.

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  The Schneider family takes home a combo of great table fare

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        The Schneider crew from PA with yet another triple!!!

          hoganbrther2.jpg (22363 bytes)

     Another fantastic Lake Ontario Brown trout in 8' of water!

           hoganbrther3.jpg (28198 bytes)

      Hogan #2 also had Browns & Kings till they cried uncle!!

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        The Scholl crew had multiple hook-ups all day long!!

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The 2nd Hogan crew from NH continued the awesome fishing

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Sitting down and taking a rest after battling a football brown!

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   The Scholl crew from Long Island with a terrific mixed bag

          hogan2a.jpg (26371 bytes)

               Martin Edo with a beautiful spring chinook

                    Fishing Report 5/12,13/05

Mike Hogan & crew from NH came up for there annual spring trip and couldn't have found any better fishing. The first afternoon was windy, so we fished the harbor area for Browns & had hot action all afternoon. Smithwicks off the boards and Michigan stingers off the riggers helped us tire the crew out quickly!! The morning of the second day we started in 50' of water & trolled straight out for Kings. The action was just as hot from 100' to 200' of water down 25' to 55'. And 120' to 160' of wire out on the dipseys on a 21/2 setting. Silver/glow dodgers w/green Atom-mik flies and an assortment of stingers did the trick. It is really nice when a loyal crew of customers arrive to have fishing which is unbelievable!!!!!!!

          hogan3a.jpg (33818 bytes)

    Mike Hogan & crew from NH with some of their Browns!

          hogan1a.jpg (25141 bytes)

                Mike Hogan with a big spring king 5/12/05

          may7brown.jpg (24846 bytes)                   Fishing Report May 7 2005

The shoreline from the Oswego harbor east to Nine mile point continues to be loaded with Brown trout of all sizes. Stickbaits off the boards(same ones mentioned in previous reports)and Michigan stingers(rosemary's baby & alewife patterns) 30' to 60' back and 5' to 12' down off the riggers have worked well. Salmon have also showed up in big numbers over the last few days. Fish in 60' to 120' of water from 35' to 60' down. A variety of Stingers & NK spoons along with Silver glow & white dodgers with your favorite Atom-mik fly.

Baby ducks & Brown trout are sure signs of spring along the lake Ontario shoreline(bottom right)
Rich from Old Timer's with a hefty 13 1/2 pound brown caught at the Oswego light.(bottom left)
The Ross crew from Reading PA with a couple of nice browns(middle right)
The Ross crew fighting a triple! A common sight lately(middle left)
The Ross crew not only had quanity but also quality, landing this 31'' bruiser(left)

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                         Come Fish The Lake!!

The lake season is now in full swing and all indications are its going to be a great season! The Brown trout fishing on the east end of the lake from Sodus to Henderson harbor has been phenominal!! In Oswego with the river flowing very high, we have had large amounts of colored water. This has been attracting lots of bait, and allowing us to catch fish all day long. Even in the high sun. Our 36' Egg Harbor is in the water and ready to go, good dates are available. The spring LOC Derby runs from May 6 to May 15th. We still have a couple of derby dates left. Give us a call today!
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                           Fishing Report 4/30/05

Charlie McLynden(left) & friend Sam from NJ with a pair of nice steelhead, caught on a Salmon river float trip. Charlie does allot of trout fishing in NJ, but Sam does mostly saltwater. Sam showed allot of patience while learning the different equipment and techniques, while under a constant downpour!! After having a real nice steelhead wrap him around a rock after a screaming run. Sam finally landed one on old faithfull(a nightcrawler!).
Although there should be fish around for at least another week the river season is definately winding down. Many of the fish left have already seen a good deal of fishing pressure and with a number of days of low water are getting wary.


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