Coldsteel Archived Fishing Report

Dates: 05/17/05 TO 06/13/05

        calvin1.jpg (26654 bytes)
              Calvin Ulshafer with a big Brown stolen from his brother!!
                       Fishing Report 6/13/05

After returning from the west end of the lake we finally got a chance to get back into the swing of things when Calvin & Donny Ulshafer from Jim Thorpe, PA came for their annual Brown trout trip. After a slow afternoon on friday(4 fish)we were able to have a great couple of days on Saturday and Sunday hooking & landing "lots" of nice Browns. The area around the nuke plant buoys was again the hotspot. Although we took a couple of fish on surface lines, for the most part the fish were found down 20 to 50 feet as calm hot weather is starting to take its toll on surface action. 6 & 7 color leadcore and riggers down 25 to 50 feet with cheaters and sliders were the ticket. Michigan Stinger spoons were our best friend, providing plenty of action!! "alewife", "rosemary's baby"and "sweet lorain" were the hot patterns. Salmon action was again slow, but looked like it was starting to shape up again.

        calvin8.jpg (11557 bytes)
                        Donny Ulshafer settled for this nice Brown!!
         calvin4.jpg (22745 bytes)
                 Calvin with yet another of many Lake Ontario Brown's
          proam3.jpg (17196 bytes)
               Scott Lewis from NJ with one of many Coho's reeled in
                       Fishing Report 6/9/05

Well, we didn't get the victory we were after but were pretty happy with our 5th place finish out of 41 pro boats competing in the Niagara county Pro-Am. After catching some great Kings on our 1st day of practice, we had our 2nd day taken away by a mechanical problem. Back in business on the last day of practice we tried a few new spots to no avail. So we finished up back on the Niagara bar. This time we found mostly Coho's but plenty of them.  We were able to get our limit the 1st day, but the fish won more of the battles the 2nd day dropping us from 3rd place to finish 5th. Thanks again to my team members, fishing partner Andy Bliss along with Scott Lewis from NJ and Rick Drosihn from Oswego. We had a good finish & a great time!!!! Special Thanks to our regular & tournament sponsor A-Tom-Mik fly who's name was left off by error. And regular sponsor Michigan stinger for their support & help!! Fishing had slowed a little in Oswego when we left. But a hard west wind yesterday should help to crank things up again! Stay tuned.

          aeriola5.jpg (20281 bytes)
               Fishing was so good even the Capt got to reel one in!!
          aeriola4.jpg (21414 bytes)
             The "carpetman" & son Mike from Mexico helped us practice
          aeriola2.jpg (16428 bytes)
                        Mike jr holds on to a big one on the leadcore
          aerioa11.jpg (23376 bytes)
                 Despite the harssment he holds on to land this beauty!!
       Niagara Pro-Am June 4th & 5th

We are off this week to fish the Niagara pro-am. We are running the boat down tuesday & will try and become more familiar with the area before the tournament. We will update the site when we return

                 Fishing Report  5/26 to 5/30/05

With steady northeast winds & little rain some of the hotspots have slowed down and salmon have scattered. Luckily the area around the nuke plant buoys continues to be very productive for Brown trout. Surface lines run clean and with weight added and riggers from 6' to 20' down have worked well. What to run? same old thing, Michigan stingers and Smithwicks. The bite has been early and late with fish being very finicky  in between. Make sure you stay outside the buoys!! As we write this report there has been a west wind for a day and 1/2 which should start to improve some of the other Brown spots and the salmon fishing-Stay tuned!!

          sunsetbrntrip.jpg (16925 bytes)
        Having a late day bite also meant a gorgeous sunset
           drrich.jpg (31668 bytes)

            Ed & Kathy from Middletown, NY with a pair of nice Browns

          wranesh2.jpg (22018 bytes)
     A local area bachelor party found the groom landing the biggest Brown
           woulfe1.jpg (26192 bytes)
         The Woulfe party from Fair Oaks, NY had a limit of nice Browns!
          spearing2.jpg (28560 bytes)
    The 'old dog' Charlie Spearing kept grabbing biggest fish at days end
           spearing1.jpg (24795 bytes)
  The Spearing crew from Maine had a hard time keeping up with Scotty jr
          conway5.jpg (22578 bytes)
        The Conway crew from Whitehall, PA landed a variety of nice fish
           conway2.jpg (26659 bytes)
                           Including this Brown above & Steelhead left.
          drexel1.jpg (20159 bytes)
    For those of you worried about safety. Contact Jim Drexel      from PA for one of these suits, if you fall overboard we will      find you!!!!
                 Fishing Report 5/17 to 5/25/05

What can we say?? Fishing continues to be awesome!! Brown trout are everywhere, and salmon are around in big numbers one day, or spreadout for a nice pick on others. For browns concentrate where you find dirty or stained water, or where you have a pocket of water that is a few degrees warmer than most of the surrounding area. Both west and east of the Oswego harbor have been good in 5 to 20 feet of water. We are also picking up browns when salmon fishing using sliders or leadcore. The salmon have been in 100 to 300 feet of water. 100 to 180' has been best for us. Lines down 20 to 40 or 40 to 70 depending on the day or time of day. Lures have stayed mainly the same, see reports below.

          lucier5.jpg (31076 bytes)
               The Lucier crew  with another nice brown!
           lucier1.jpg (26472 bytes)
        Lyle Lucier and his crew from NH concentrated on the           browns,since they will be back again for a salmon trip.
          bola2.jpg (28663 bytes)
                Larry Post with a hard fighting spring King
           bola1.jpg (37825 bytes)
  Larry & Fran from Keeseville, NY with a double on browns