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PLEASE BE PATIENT AS THESE PICTURES MAY TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD. Kim Castelucci from NJ with a 29lb male king Sept. 25 '99


Dave Fiumante from Old Forge PA with a BIG male Brown trout Nov. '99


Cheryl Mendall from Middleboro MA with a nice Brown Oct. '99


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The reason this web site is taking so long to finish is because myself, along with webmaster Greg Lewis...
...& his brother Scott are screwing around fishing too much!! They were able to land a good number of Steelhead...

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...& even a Lake trout on this Nov. 99' Salmon river float trip.  All released to fight another day!


Mark Tikkanen from NJ with a big Salmon river Coho Sept. '99


Bill Vargo from Spotswood NJ with a fresh run Steelhead Oct.4 '99

"Loves the Kings"

Either lake or river Bill loves the big Kings! Aug. & Oct. '99

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