Captain's LogWhen I was born, my father was in the marina business, which meant working 7 days a week during the summer.  So when my mother was sick & tired of me and it was my fathers turn to watch me, it usually meant going to work with him. Since he was very busy, I frequently found myself tied to the end of a dock and left with a fishing pole & some bait. Although I realize many liberals and slick lawyers would label this as child abuse nowadays, I can't say I minded! Ever since, my love for fishing and the outdoors has remained strong.
    I will use this page to bring you fishing reports, update you on upcoming events, and inform you on issues important to our fishery. Also watch for pictures & reports on our latest fishing trips!
    I will apologize to everyone in advance, when we get to busy times in our fishing schedule, I know the web site won't be as up to date as we would all like.

                                                                                    -Captain Tom

February 20, 2002
After a long period of low water from December through the holidays(280 cfs) The water started rising in mid-January and has remained up through mid-February.(500 to 1200 cfs, mostly 700 cfs)  At first this did two things. It brought in some fresh fish, and stimulated the fish that were in the river spooked from low clear water conditions. It also helps to protect the fish from being accidentally hooked & lined which often happens when they are holding in large numbers in very small areas with no place to go, under the low, cold water conditions. For the first couple of weeks after the water rose, fishing was good. With fresh fish being caught downriver, and a mixture of fresh fish and fish that had been "re-stimulated" being caught upriver. In the last week or two however, we have had fresh snow, followed by melting snow keeping the water temps on the frigid side, & steelies on the finicky side. 

Al Eldridge with a big 18 pound male steelhead, on a mid January float trip.

We are also getting to the time where more of the fish will start to pack into the hatchery area of the river, with spawning being the main thing on their agenda! 

Butch & Corey from north Jersey with some great steelies caught on
a February trip with Cold Steel.

This doesn't mean the fishing will continue to be poor, it just means there are many factors to consider and as always you will need the conditions and "lady luck" to be on your side.

With our weather and the water flows, it has been great just to be out there. And we are all looking forward to some even better fishing in the upcoming months!

P.S. With the thaws we have been having, the northern creeks (north Sandy, South Sandy etc.) have been getting fish already offering another option during a trip to the area.

Corey with a steelhead that we have been seeing over the last couple of years in limited numbers. They seem to be mainly average size fish, in very good health. Everything seems to be in very normal proportions except their fins, which are all abnormally large. We are waiting on the DEC to tell us what they think are causing the unusual look


-Capt. Tom


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Cormorant's may be on the run!     New York congressmen John McHugh will testify on cormorant overpopulation before the House Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation.
    McHugh has introduced a bill that would establish a cormorant hunting season to control the bird that is "wreaking havoc all across this nation" he said.
     All I can tell you from personal observations is that for a number of years the cormorant population seemed to grow & grow, with a large number taking up residence on the Oswego harbor breakwalls on a daily basis. Last year after a few took the law into their own hands and shot a small percentage of the birds, there was a noticable difference in cormorant sightings. Not only was their population down slightly, but they obviously no longer felt comfortable flying & feeding to close to humans. This year with no one bothering them, they have been back with a vengeance. Many times this spring we were trolling within 50 yards of huge flocks of the birds!
    Like everything in nature cormorants serve a purpose and should not be eliminated. However their numbers should not be allowed to get out of control either.

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